Be a Great Gift Giver: Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Be a Great Gift Giver: Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Have you always been a last-minute gift giver? We’ve got a game plan for you to wow your loved ones with meaningful gifts that will bring them joy. You’ll be a gift-giving expert in no time!   

Game Plan

Perfect gift-giving starts with thoughtfulness. Take some time to think about your loved one and ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Do they value things or time with you?
  2. Are they sentimental?
  3. What gift would make their life easier or better?
  4. What do they like to do in their free time? 

Now, get gifting! Here are some ideas:


The Gift for the Person on Your List That Values Quality Time Together 

  • Sport tickets: These are always a hit. Whether it’s for your dad, who loves baseball, or mom, who loves tennis, search for games or tournaments you can look forward to going to together.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience that would pique their interest: Options include skydiving, whale watching, or a hot air balloon ride. Gift it with a small photo album they can fill with pictures after the event.
  • Something simple: Gift them something you can do together, like a pedicure, movie tickets, or a local theater show.
  • Lessons to a skill they’ve wanted to discover: From potting to ukulele playing, you can help them kick off a new hobby.
  • A trip: Print out an itinerary and tuck it into a 2024 calendar. They will open the calendar and be mildly impressed until the itinerary falls out! 

If you are gifting a trip- add a favorite travel product. Maybe it’s a big sun hat if you are venturing to the tropics or MicroTouch’s Titanium Rover.  It’s a wet/dry smart shaver that doesn’t require water, soaps, or creams to give a clean, close shave without nicks or cuts. The travel lock and safety storage cap make it perfect for travel (and home). 


The Gift for the Person on Your List That is Sentimental

  • For older generations: Take the time to assemble a photo memory album or buy the materials to help them create one. Going through old photos together is a beautiful time to connect. They will cherish the memories in the keepsake and the memories from making it.  

Couple looking at a photo album.


  • Another sentimental gift: Plan a trip with your loved one to a particular place from their past. This could be a road trip to their hometown, visiting old family friends together, or revisiting a special vacation spot from the past.  


The Gift That Will Make Their Life Easier

  • For your favorite (bald) guy: Bald is beautiful. Now, make it easy! The MicroTouch Titanium Head Shaver has an easy grip design for perfect control, preventing nicks, cuts, and bumps. It has 5x the coverage of a razor and is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. It’s a game-changer, making it easy to shave anywhere, anytime!
  • For anyone who doesn’t love to cook: Kitchen gadgets that take the hassle out of cooking. Air Fryers are a healthy, easy way to cook. They cook food thoroughly and quickly, almost fail-proof! They are great for reheating, too. Whether you gift it to an elderly loved one, a college kid, or a busy family member - everyone cooks better with an air fryer.


The Gift for the Person on Your List That Has a Favorite Pastime

  • For the golfer: A range finder is something every golfer should have in their bag; they use GPS or laser to determine the distance from the ball to the hole, which is essential to decide which club to use. They also do so much more, like helping to see what else is out there on the course that you DON’T want to hit, like bunkers, fairway spots, trees, and water. It’s kind of like having your own personal caddy! Bonus item: an indoor putting mat.
  • For the outdoorsman/woman: Any adventurer will be grateful for warm layers, comfortable hiking socks, and a great portable speaker. You can’t go wrong with gifting a new headlamp or a fun engraved flask for those nights under the stars. If it’s a real mountain man you are buying for, slip the MicroTouch SOLO Titanium Beard Trimmer into their stocking. It's a fast and easy way to keep that beard in shape!


This holiday season, take some time before you shop to think about gifts that will be meaningful and bring joy to your receivers. Prepping ahead and making a game plan will make all the difference!

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