Gadgets You Need Now to Make Your Life Easier

Gadgets You Need Now to Make Your Life Easier

Let’s face it: there are a lot of gadgets out there. But do most of them make life easier, more productive, more enjoyable? Not really. Often, gadget purchases end up in the junk drawer or the giveaway pile! We’ve rounded up the gadgets that can make a difference in your life. Check them out and see why...

Our Go-To Gadgets:

  • Massage Gun - This must-have item is a game changer. Why? It helps with pain and soothes sore muscles - helping everyone from professional athletes to desk job workers. Reducing pain leads to stress reduction, too. Percussive therapy uses rapid pressure with vibration therapy. The pressure applied directly to soft tissue improves circulation and blood flow, helping heal, break up scar tissue, and release muscle spasms. It reduces pain faster, too. Whether you have exhausted legs from a marathon or a tight back from the stress of daily life, massage guns are fantastic to have in your wellness arsenal.

Copper Fit Deep Tissue Massage Gun


  • Electric Toothbrush - It’s worth the cost now to save on dental bills later. Studies have found that people who use electric toothbrushes keep their teeth longer. There you have it! They have healthier gums and less tooth decay than those that use manual toothbrushes. The electric toothbrush's ability to oscillate, rotate, and pulsate means superior plaque removal.  Look out for extra features from various models- like a pressure sensor to ensure that you’re not “over brushing,” water-resistant models if you brush in the shower, and even apps to manage the charge and track your brushing to ensure you spend enough time in each zone. Anything that helps say bye to cavities and gum disease is a no-brainer!
  • Wireless Headphones - We are fans of headphones that go over the ears for many reasons. One big one: headphones are easier on the ears. Earphones' sound pressure level is higher since they sit directly in the ear canal, which can lead to noise-induced hearing loss. #2: Headphones are better at delivering pure, detailed audio. It's easier to hear the podcast - and every note of that song you are listening to. And arguably the most significant positive: headphones have ANC technology - Active Noise Cancellation - effective at blocking background noise. Perfect for the gym, the airplane, or even cubicle life when you need quiet to concentrate. Consider headphones to make travel and work life easier.
  • Titanium Head Shaver - If you shave your head, you know it can be a pain - reaching every nook and cranny comfortably is not easy. Also, you want to avoid embarrassing and potentially painful knicks. Microtouch’s Titanium Head Shaver has five independent rotating heads, conforming to every surface and curve. Easy to grip for perfect control means no nicks, cuts, or bumps.  This must-have can be used wet or dry, with no cream, lotion, or soap needed. It’s the gadget you need for a beautiful bald head! And don’t forget to finish the job - MicroTouch Titanium Trim clears up neck, back, and body hair just as quickly and with zero burn. 
  • Air Fryer - if you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for? From cooking a three-course meal to popping in a precut cookie for dessert, it’s the ultimate for multitasking in the kitchen. Here’s how: it circulates heat at high temperatures for quick and even frying, grilling, and baking.  Maybe the best part is you don’t use oil, effectively reducing calorie intake. And an air fryer cooks food just right - crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Air fryers cut down on the “let’s just order pizza” nights because you can easily and quickly cook something like a delicious chicken breast in just 14 minutes. The possibilities are endless; from tofu to donuts, air fryers are also perfect for those who aren’t too confident in the kitchen. They make life easier for everyone, from college kids to families.
  • Bonus item - Tend to be forgetful? Consider a Bluetooth tracker for your purse, wallet, and keys. Trackers send a secure Bluetooth signal to an app or the Apple device you are using to locate the item within Bluetooth range. Out of range? The app for your tracker will show the last known location. Think of all the time you’ll save not having to search for your keys!

There you have it - our top choices for gadgets that are worth it. They make great gifts, too. Happy shopping!

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