The 5-Minute Self-Care Routine for Men

The 5-Minute Self-Care Routine for Men

Wellness and self-care are big buzzwords, especially as we kick off the new year. Any quick Google search will pull up lists of self-care routines for women. But what about men? Taking care of yourself as you start that day is equally important. In this busy world, it has to be quick! We’ve put together a 5-minute routine that includes mind and body work so you can start that day with your best foot forward, from the inside out!

1. Center Yourself with Grateful Thoughts - 30 seconds

Your first thoughts in the morning are so powerful. However, they often include a looming work deadline or the things we most dread in the day ahead. Worry and anxiety can creep in the second the alarm goes off, and that negative thought spiral can continue all day. You have the power to switch that! It’s as simple as redirecting your thoughts and starting the day by listing three things you are grateful for: from good health to your cup of morning coffee. A UC Davis Health study shows that gratitude is related to 23 percent lower cortisol levels (the hormone that creates stress in the body). The benefits go beyond anxiety - using a gratitude ritual to reduce stress can help lead to greater immunity, sleep, and overall health.

2. Wake Up the Body with One Easy Full Body Stretch - 30 seconds

A first-thing-in-the-day stretch relieves pain from sleeping the night before, lessens joint or muscle tightness, increases blood flow, and “warms up” the body. Stretching also helps massage fluid into the normal position that gets pooled in places like the back. A standing roll-down is a favorite- do it right when you get out of bed. See how here.

3. The Power of a Cold/Hot Shower - 2 minutes

Wake up your body with a blast of cold water. It can help to improve circulation and reduce inflammation that leads to soreness and fatigue. This can lead to relieving pain too. Next step, heat it up! Hot showers, meanwhile, can improve cardiovascular health and help with stiff joints. A quick cleanse of the body and face with a gentle cleanser (in lukewarm water), and you are good to go!

4. Put Your Best Face Forward with Daily Grooming - 2 minutes

Now that the steam from the shower has opened your pores, it’s the perfect time to do a daily 2-minute grooming upkeep. The opened pores mean a closer shave because of more accessible access to follicles. For that reason, it’s a perfect time to shave if you have sensitive skin. Facial hair has always been a form of self-expression for men, whether you like a clean-shaven face, a beard, or a goatee. It’s always crucial to stay groomed, and on top of it daily - cute and scruffy can turn downright messy quickly! And not just your face, but taking care of body hair is equally important. However, not all trimmers are created equal. Don’t settle for subpar grooming gadgets that can lead to ingrown hairs, cuts, nicks, and more. The MicroTouch® SOLO™ Titanium is a one-stop shop with a beard & body precision electric groomer that trims, edges, and grooms hair - everywhere with no nicks, cuts, and irritation. Three pro grooming guides dial the perfect length for your facial style, and the German stainless steel blades are bonded with Titanium for more durable grooming.



5. And Set Your Intentions for the Day

While you are amid your two-minute daily grooming, it’s the perfect time to set your intentions for the day. Creating a mental to-do list helps you organize your day, but it’s also a powerful way to practice mindfulness. Maybe your focus is to reach out to a family member or create a mantra to say calm in an upcoming stressful situation. Oh, and while you look in the mirror, do one last grooming check! The ears, nose, brows, and more can get a little “hairy,” too! It’s always good to have the MicroTouch® Titanium™ Max on hand. It reaches those hard-to-see places and can also take on beards, goatees, and sideburns. It has a non-slip grip and LED light, so you don’t miss a thing. It just takes seconds to tame unruly hairs with no nicks or cuts.

Look at that - in just 5 minutes, you are ready to put your best mind, body - and face forward! A few simple practices and the help of Microtouch can help you set yourself up for success - every day.

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